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AGM MP001 VSR-10 Aisoft Sniper Rifle Review

​Are you planning to make a career in rifle sports? Do you love hunting? If the answers are yes, buy an airsoft gun or rifle to practice shooting before trying your luck in the real world.

The good news is you'll find a series of air soft rifles in the market. The bad part is all of them aren't worth considering. You'll have to expend a lot of time to weed out irrelevant weapons and pick the right one.

If you want to get rid of this legwork, take a look at a highly-rated airsoft weapon such as the AGM MP001 VSR-10 Aisoft Sniper Rifle.

AGM MP001 VSR-10 Aisoft Sniper Rifle

​The VSR10 rifle offered by AGM is ideal for introducing shooting enthusiasts in the world of sniping. Just open the package and you'll get surprised - the replica is an impressive sight. The imitated wood grain looks realistic. Also, the bluing on the gun assembly is even and well done.

The rifle comes in a standard molded container with the barrel assembly as well as the stock separate. You can assemble the weapon quickly using the hex key that joins the two halves. The package comes complete with a magazine that is able to hold 30 6mm BBs. With a weight of 5 pounds, this air soft rifle makes an ideal choice for shooters of all levels and experience.


  • Design and build quality - The design and built mimic the original weapon. The black color adds to the appearance of the rifle. As well as appealing visuals, the intriguing additions make this rifle a must-have in the hands of shooters. With a sturdy built, the model succeeds in grabbing the attention of shoppers to buy this innovative weapon.
  • Grip and safety - Since the rifle is a replica of an original weapon, it's designed to slide easily in the hands of shooters. Both amateurs as well as experienced shooters get to enjoy a better grip. The bolt pulls back easily after taking a powerful shot. It slides into the locked position and ensures a smooth and clean lock. The safety is pretty easy to get to, and with some practice could be reached and operated without looking.
  • Comfort - Just like the grip, the overall rifle fits comfortably in your hands. Once you're in the right position, you can target soft objects effortlessly. In fact, it's the comfort level that eases your grip and allows you to shoot target effectively. Also, the rifle is spring-powered; it means you don't have to worry about changing or charging a battery for a battle. You could achieve the same even performance during all weather conditions.
  • ​Accuracy - Once you mate it together, the rifle lets you shoot effectively with a greater degree of accuracy. With a little bit of practice, you can ensure that each successive shot nearly hits the same spot. However, as a newbie, you can't expect to take accurate shots in the beginning. You ought to spend some time before you attain proficiency in taking much better shots. 


  • ​Durability - When it comes to shooting, you ought to have a weapon that will last longer. There's no point in changing the rifle every once in a while. As well as costing you money, changing the rifle too often will defy the very purpose of your practice. The makers of MP001 VSR-10 understand this important point and have presented a weapon that will withstand constant usage and weather conditions. Once bought, you may enjoy the services of this rifle for a long time.
  • ​Warranty - The rifle is backed by a 30-day warranty. While the warranty period is small, you can have almost everything fixed within this period. You may seek servicing and repairs of the damaged parts within the 30-day time frame. Best of all, you can return the weapon to the vendor if you aren't happy with the product.
  • ​Affordability - Many users think that buying a rifle with numerous innovative features might put a big dent in their wallet. However, that isn't the case always, and this is particularly true in the case of MP001 VSR-10. Priced in the most economical range, the rifle suits the budget of all classes of people. By expending a minimal sum, you can get started with shooting in your backyard.
  • ​Ease of Usage - Using the rifle is pretty simple. All you've to do is assemble this two-piece together, and you're all set to target soft objects. However, you'll have to spend some time in the field to practice with the weapon. Once you get used to with the rifle, you can take shots without looking. Also, you can adhere to the user manual for any difficulty with respect to the usage of the rifle.
  • Ease of Upkeep - Most of the air soft weapons wear out quickly. You've to take great care in order to use them properly and avoid damages. However, the situation is totally different with the MP001 VSR-10. Cleaning and maintaining the weapon are easy. With little care and upkeep, you can ensure that the weapon will last longer without tearing apart.


  • ​Some users had problems with assembling and using the gun. However, those issues could be resolved by sticking to the user manual. Other than these minor cons, there are hardly any flaws in this amazing air soft rifle. In fact, the AGM MP001 is supposed to be one of the best weapons for backyard games.


​Making a career in hunting or rifle sports is a great way to earn money and fame. However, you ought to practice a lot before entering the real world shooting arena. So grab a highly-endorsed air soft weapon such as the AGM MP001 VSR-10 Aisoft Sniper Rifle to get started shooting soft objects. Durability, ease of usage, convenient grip, affordability, etc are a few of the highlighting features of this modern rifle. This is why most of the shooting enthusiasts prefer this air soft rifle. If you wish to be among these shooters, buy the AGM MP001 sniper and take your shooting tenure to a new level.

AGM MP001 VSR-10 Aisoft Sniper Rifle
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