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What To Wear For Airsoft – Beginners Clothing Guide

Do you think that an airsoft gun is harmless? Well, the answer depends on how you use it. Considering the fact that it’s able to fire BBs at 300 to 500 feet in one second and in continuous, sudden bursts, it can certainly harm you.

So if you intend to play with airsoft guns, safety has to be your priority. You’ve to follow particular rules while playing with airsoft guns, especially where you’re pitted with enemies.

One of the important rules is wearing protective safety gear. The BBs hurtling towards you aren’t a joke. However, the big question is what to wear for airsoft.

What parts of the body should be covered?

Now that you’re attentive, you may want to know what parts of the body need to be covered. Every part of your body is prone to injuries. So it’s best to cover your body from top to bottom.


One of the most delicate parts of your body is your pair of eyes. A single BB fired at your eyes can make you totally blind. A good-quality pair of goggles is highly recommended. It’ll protect your eyes from getting injured when you’re engaged in a battle with BBs or AEGs that could easily penetrate soft materials.


Besides eyes, your head is another important part that should be protected while firing BBs at each other. A strong helmet is a great choice when you’re playing an airsoft battle.

While you can get a plastic helmet for paintball and airsoft wars, a strong, real helmet is a better choice. As well as reducing the pain of being hit by a BB on your head, a good-quality helmet will protect your head from bumps and accidental falls that you could experience when fighting.

Face Masks

A face mask is another gear to consider when playing with airsoft guns. You’ve to protect your face from ammos fired at you by your enemies. BBs flying around like crazy can find their way into your face, hitting your lips, nose or teeth. So it’s better to cover your face with a mask to avoid facial injuries.


Many people, who engage in airsoft battles, get their hands injured badly. So don’t forget to cover your hands during a fight. A strong pair of gloves will give you the necessary protection while taking shots in the field.

Protective Clothing

Your body is the largest part that your enemies can easily target in an airsoft battle. This includes your arms, neck, chest, thighs, torso, and legs. All of your body parts need protection from flying BBs. If your clothing gear is good, you’ll only feel pinches in case the BBs hit your body.

Protective Vests

Your chest needs extra protection from BBs. If a BB directly hits your chest, you may fall down permanently. A vest can render the much-needed protection to your chest. It’s best to buy a vest that comes with ammo compartments so that you could reload your gun faster during a fight.

Tactical Boots

When you’re engaged in an airsoft war, the actions are pretty fast and strenuous, and a pair of sneakers won’t help out. You ought to be fast to reply to any situation. A high-quality pair of boots is the right tool for taking quick moves to win the battle.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in an airsoft war is something many people love to cherish. However, some folks sustain injuries in this toy gun game. So get familiar with what to wear for airsoft wars and put on protective gear to avoid any unfortunate injuries when enjoying a fun battle.

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