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Best Airsoft Pistol Under 50 Dollars

Many people love shooting. While some folks like to shoot soft targets in their free time, others dream of making a career in rifle sports. No matter the reason, trying your capabilities with air soft guns is highly recommended.

However, the prices of airsoft rifles are increasing day by day. Most beginner shooters don’t wish to expend too much on air soft guns.

If you’re one of these enthusiasts, you may want to try the best airsoft pistol under 50 dollars. Here’s a checklist of highly endorsed brands.

Our Under $50 Airsoft Pistol Recommendations

BBTac Air soft BT-M22 (Pistol) Spring Loaded Airsoft Handgun

BBTac Airsoft Pistol BT-M22 Spring Loaded Gun Airsoft Handgun

It’s a spring powered airsoft gun that uses elastic potential energy. The BT-M22 is fast and works best for targeting soft objects wherever you want. All you’ve to do is cock the spring gun prior to taking the shot. If you’re looking for something funny that can let you enjoy your free time in your backyard, then the BT-M22 is the best choice.



Most of the low-priced airsoft pistols don’t last longer. However, the BT-M22 is highly durable and will serve you for a long time. Since the pistol is made with a few breakable pieces, it doesn’t wear out quickly.


Airsoft guns should be properly maintained to enjoy its usage. They’re likely to get damages quickly. However, the BT-M22 is easy to maintain. Since it’s made out of sturdy plastic, cleaning and/or maintaining the pistol is simple and hassle-free.


Obviously, price matters when buying an airsoft pistol. However, this spring-loaded handgun comes with a minimal price. You can own this amazing gun even from your pocket expenses.

Taurus 24/7 Spring Air soft Pistol with 1000 .20g 6mm bb’s and 315 FPS from Lancer Tactical

Taurus 24/7 Spring Airsoft Pistol from Lancer Tactical

Lancer tactical is a leading brand engaged in offering high-quality airsoft weapons; Taurus 24/7 spring air soft is one of its top-class products. All you’ve to do is pick the pistol to get started with targeting soft objects. With its amazing built and make, the gun leaves you speechless. Many shooting enthusiasts consider this pistol as a matter of pride.



The Taurus 24/7 spring has a sturdy built and amazing looks. Although crafted out of plastic, the pistol gives the feeling of a real weapon. The design and built-quality are the telling features that allure any shopper to own this lovely weapon.

Built quality

One of the biggest issues with airsoft pistols is poor built-quality. However, the Taurus 24/7 spring is built to last longer. Aside from a strong body, the design is carved in such a manner that it fits perfectly in the hands of users without any inconvenience.


Many users report about a poor grip with airsoft weapons. The Taurus 24/7 spring, on the other side, features a rubberized grip. It fits comfortably in your hands, allowing you to take accurate shots.

HFC Model-118B M9 Heavy Weight Black Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun

HFC Model-118B M9 Heavy Weight Black Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun

If you’re looking for a compact airsoft weapon that looks real, then the 118b m9 is the right choice. With a velocity of 250 FPS, the pistol lets you shoot targets in the low to normal range without any issue. Just load the magazine and shoot the targets with this handy pistol; it’s that simple. You can even use it to deter intruders attempting to get into your house.



Using the pistol is pretty easy and simple. Just cock the pistol and load it. You don’t even need to practice to get started with this handy pistol. However, practice will only make you a better shooter.


The 118b m9 is highly durable. You can use the pistol constantly without worrying about wear and tear. Whether you use it in your backyard or outdoors, the pistol will stand the testing of usage as well as time to serve you longer.


Affordability is one of the important features of this intricately designed pistol. Despite so many features, the pistol is priced in the most economical range. Even average workers are in a position to buy this amazing weapon without disturbing their regular budget.

Heritage Bag Company High Density 16.0 Mic Liners Z6640VNR01 Airsoft Gun

Heritage Bag Company High Density 16.0 Mic Liners Z6640VNR01 Airsoft Pistol

Only the highest quality materials go into the making of these sturdy can liners. Also, the mineral reinforced bags are pretty durable, ensuring a higher lifespan of the model. With the easy to use, top-side dual dispenser box, you’re all set to aim your targets effectively with this liner.



Quality is important if you wish to ensure a better shooting experience. The 16.0 mic liners z6640vnr01 lives up to its claims in this respect. With its durable-built and accurate shots, the pistol makes certain that users enjoy the best of shooting in their past time.


A perfect grip plays an important role in taking consistent, accurate shots. The 16.0 mic liners z6640vnr01 fulfills the expectations of shooters on accuracy grounds. Whether you aim to target close or medium range objects, the pistol ensures that you don’t miss out anything. All it takes is a little bit of practice to gain proficiency with this compact weapon.


Maintaining or cleaning the pistol is easy. You only need a simple cleaning solution and a cotton cloth. Within no time, you can wipe out the dirt and restore the pistol in pristine condition.

Evike Desert Eagle Licensed Magnum 44 SIlver Airsoft Pistol

Evike Desert Eagle Licensed Magnum 44 SIlver Airsoft Pistol

It’s a compact pistol that replicates the world-famous Desert Eagle large caliber handgun. The serrated slide of this replica offers a comfy grip that you need for taking better shots. With on-frame safety, the pistol allows you to shoot efficiently without incurring any injury.



Although the body of the pistol is made out of plastic, the model is durable enough for taking close as well as normal shots. Just use it carefully and you can enjoy its companionship for a long time. Most importantly, the weapon closely resembles the most famous Desert Eagle handgun, giving the illusion of a real weapon.


Made out of sturdy materials, the Magnum 44 airsoft pistol is meant to last for a long time. Whether you use it occasionally or constantly, the pistol will withstand normal usage as well as weather conditions. According to many buyers, the weapon fetches you a lot more than what you expend.


The Magnum 44 airsoft pistol is supposed to be one of the most affordable weapons in the economical price range. Although you’ll find other brands in the comparable price range, the features that come with Magnum 44 airsoft pistol will leave you speechless. By shelling out a minimal sum, you can own a really high-quality airsoft weapon.

Verdict on the best Airsoft Pistols Under $50

Air soft pistols offer a wonderful opportunity to try your hands in shooting. Even if you don’t wish to participate in rifle sports, you can spend quality time in your backyard shooting soft objects or targeting your loved ones. However, you need to buy the right pistol to make the most out of your weapon.

While a number of brands provide airsoft guns and pistols, most of these guns are really pricey. You can get away with the cost factor by checking the best airsoft pistol under 50 dollars offered by various brands. With details of top-rated, affordable airsoft pistols, choosing the best one becomes pretty effortless.

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