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The Best Airsoft Guns Under 100 Dollars

Air soft guns are a great weapon to sharpen your shooting abilities. Whether you love to shoot soft targets or seriously wish to pursue a career in hunting and other rifle sports, practicing with airsoft guns is the starting point of the tenure.

This is why many shooting enthusiasts buy them to advance further in their shooting venture. However, top-rated guns that come with advanced features are really pricey. You could end up draining your wallet on buying a good-quality airsoft rifle or gun.

It's easy to resolve this issue by checking the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars as listed below.

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    Our Under $100 Airsoft Gun Recommendations

    Evike WE-USA NG3 M9 Heavy Weight Airsoft GBB Professional Training Pistol

    This newly upgraded gun is modified and assembled for quality and performance. Particularly meant for professional training, the WE-USA NG3 fits perfectly in the hands of shooters. It's a bit heavy and comes with a fiber reinforced polycarbonate nozzle for increased durability. The blue nozzle also lets you operate the weapon safely under pressures.



    Made out of strong materials, the slide and frame of the gun are crafted from full metal aluminum alloy. With a weight of 1100g, the weapon is able to stand the testing of time and constant usage. You can use it for taking shots in pressing environments as well.


    Most of the air soft pistols just lack the grip needed at an advanced stage of hunting. However, the WE-USA NG3 M9 features a professional checkered grip. Users can take accurate and consistent shots due to this checkered grip.


    A weapon with advanced features is likely to cost you dearly. However, the WE-USA NG3 M9 is priced in the most economical range. Even average users are able to afford the cost of this top-class pistol.

    Evike - CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun

    Redesigned and replicated from the Tokyo Maruti shotgun (M3), the CYMA's M3 is meant to shoot harder. Marketed as being one of the most powerful air soft pistols, it's a reinforced, accurate, and reliable airsoft version. The M3 shotgun uses the tried, true tri-shot design with beefier and highly durable internals. It's ideal for those looking for a manual backup weapon.



    Durability is paramount when buying an airsoft pistol or rifle. However, many brands don't live up to their claims with respect to durability. Most rifles tend to wear out quickly after some time. The M3 shotgun, on the other hand, is highly durable and meant to last longer even in extreme shooting conditions.


    Aside from built quality and performance, the looks of the M3 shotgun are its telling features. Designed intricately, the gun draws the attention of shoppers of all levels. That is the prime reason why many shooters wish to have this airsoft pistol in their ensemble.


    Cost is an important parameter that plays a part when buying any air soft gun. However, the price of the M3 shotgun doesn't seem to pinch your wallet. Consequently, even people with a very tight budget are able to own this air soft pistol for trying their luck in the shooting arena.

    CYMA AEG Plastic Gear AK-47 Airsoft Gun

    The AEG Plastic Gear AK-47 is an ideal gun for backyard players or beginner players given the lightweight form factor and low cost of the gun. Made out of a basic plastic polymer, the gun is designed to withstand light to medium game play. With a low weight, low-velocity output, and overall built, this air soft gun is perfect for anyone looking to get into the basics of airsoft. The package comes complete with the gun, charger, battery, magazine, and eye protection.



    Although the construction isn't so strong, beginner players can use the gun for shooting soft targets in their backyards. Yet, the weapon is an ideal choice for newbie shooters. If used wisely, you can enjoy the longevity of the gun for a long time.


    The AEG Plastic Gear AK-47 is supposed to be the most economical airsoft gun. However, a low price doesn't mean that it'll wear out quickly. Still, you should use it carefully for soft targets as directed.


    Despite begin a beginner weapon, the AEG AK-47 offers maximum shooting comfort. However, you can't target hard objects. In spite of this, you can gain proficiency with this starter gun before advancing to the intermediate level.

    Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Airsoft Pistol

    Black ops exterminator is perfect for those who're searching for a compact airsoft weapon in the affordable price range. The 6-shot authentic cylinder and CO2 power give immense accuracy and power to this small airsoft weapon. Users can enjoy a lot of fun using this revolver pistol in their past time.



    The pistol features a full metal body, which increases the life span of the model. The metal construction also renders increased consistency for taking better shots in the field. With proper usage, you can easily use the gun for a long time in the shooting field.


    Most of the airsoft rifles don't fit perfectly in the hands of all types of shooters. Some guns are ideal for beginners, whereas others fit perfectly in the hands of advanced shooters. However, the black ops exterminator, with its polymer grip, lands effortlessly in your shooting grip for taking accurate shots.

    Ease of use

    Using this pistol is a breeze. You could practice shooting single as well as double action targets with this small pistol. It's also possible to get even better and more accurate shots by mounting a dot sight on the pistol's top weaver rail.

    HFC HG-199 Airsoft Pistol CO2 Full Metal 6mm P92 Style

    Replicating the real M9 Beretta, the HFC HG-199 air soft pistol is a full metal gun that weighs only a few ounces. The slide, magazine, barrel, frame, hammer, slide stop, magazine catch, trigger as well as recoil spring guide are made out of metal. With a velocity of 330 FPS, the pistol lets you shoot targets effortlessly. If you want, you can mount a laser on the rail. It's easy to assemble and disassemble the weapon by adhering to the user manual that comes with the package.



    Air soft rifles and pistols aren't really durable and wear out over time. This holds true for weapons that come with an economical price tag. However, the HFC HG-199 air soft pistol is a highly durable weapon that comes with a smaller price and serves you longer.


    A perfect grip is imperative for shooting. Although most air soft weapons aren't perfect, the HFC HG-199 air soft pistol offers the right grip that you need. With a comfortable grip, you can easily shoot close as well as distant objects.


    The HFC HG-199 is designed to suit the needs of amateur as well as experienced shooters. Using the pistol is pretty simple. In case you face any difficulty, you can stick to the user manual for help.

    The Bottom Line

    Trying to select the right air soft gun can seem like a real chore. You ought to take into consideration a lot of things to figure out an ideal one for your intended purposes. Also, you've to shell out a lot of money to own a good-quality gun.

    All such issues can be averted by acting wisely. Just check the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars in accordance with your shooting requirements. With handy details by your side, selecting the right air soft gun becomes easy and hassle-free.

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