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HFC VSR-11 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

​HFC is a rifle manufacturing company, who holds an excellent reputation for their range of gas blowback airsoft pistols, where most of the items sell overseas. They are also producing guns with a non-blowback and spring power function.

The company offers some affordable gas blowback pistols without compromising on any features that are provided by other highly priced branded models. The HFC rifle cost less and are an excellent alternative for those people who want to get their hand on a semi-automatic airsoft pistol without having to pocket the massive expense of a gas blowback. 

HFC VSR-11 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

​Th​is rifle from HFC is a good selection for beginners as well as advanced user. For anyone looking to buy a good sniper at a reasonable price, the HFC VSR-11 provides a good option for a quality rifle. The rifles come with spring power functionality that means you do not have to keep a check on battery charging or to make sure there is enough gas for the action.

You will get the same performance in all weathers. It is easier to use this rifle as it features a refined bolt for added authenticity with a small but level polt. The ease helps the player to enjoy the shooting and to reshot without any delays if the player is not able to hit the target the first time.  If you prefer speed in your gaming technique, you will find the rifle the most suitable weapon to carry into the battlefield.


  • Build - ​The manufacturing of the rifle brings out a product carrying a strong polymer body and stock. The interior is in metal material, and the outer barrel assembly is all metal as well.  On the head of the bolt assemblage of the VS R-11 is a complete metal rain of 20mm solid material allowing the user to customize the rifle with their selection of optic confederate, to get that precise efficiency.
  • ​It has a hard and durable metal trigger box with and comes with a strong assembly that makes for a clean break every time the trigger pulling action takes place. The rifle comes ready for work, straight from its box providing a shooting accuracy of 410 FPS, so you do not miss those hard targets. The  HFC VSR-11 carries less weight, and during play, it is comfortable to move with when aiming. The player can move swiftly and exercise more maneuvers using this rifle. You can carry this rifle for a long time on the playfield without worrying about getting tired or fatigued. The face and back sling mounts make transportation more comfortable and provide ample room for the sidearm.
  • ​Use the flexible hop-up positioned on the side of the rifle to for different target span and wind stipulations. The VSR-11 compatibility with the design of VSR-10 helps to adjust for any upgrades and adjustments.  If you want to be the quality sniper on your team, carrying this rifle with you will be the first step in that direction. When you get the hang of using this rifle, it will be your go-to weapon in most shooting arenas.


  • Excellent Value - The rifle is the best shooting instrument out there that offers more function at a fraction of cost that other high-end brand charge.  Since the gun carries less weight carrying it is a breeze, and it is relatively more straightforward to balance the rifle when you are on the battlefield, and every move that you make matters! With a shooting range of up to 150 ft with excellent scope works, the HFC rifle makes for a sound investment especially if you are a beginner or a seasoned player who can use these rifles with precision and ease. It offers high-grade accuracy and range.
  • ​​Easy to use - The rifle is easy to use and fun to carry whether you are going for a shooting game alone or tagging with a group of friends.


  • ​Users have observed that the scope mounts are light and the material is not that rigid. The scope mount may break when the rifle is in action for a long time. The repair may come costly, and at times a player does not have the means to find the specific configurations for the replacements. Other players have complained about the noise levels of the front sling attachment. The noise from the front sling can come at a considerable cost on the battlefield, especially if you want to take cover at a sniper spot. Players who prefer to tiptoe are not impressed by the extra noise levels the front sling brings into the game.


​All in all, if you are a game player who prefers to move fast, carrying an HFC airsoft rifle is a good option. The product offers many features, carries a moderate price tag, and you can always go for upgrades later if you get the hang of game playing or are advancing to a new level. The product is available online, where most vendors offer free shipment of the VSR-11 bolt sniper rifle right at your doorstep. With so many features and affordable pricing, it is a good bargain for beginners as well as advanced shooters who like some accurate sniper shooting with light battlefield guns.

HFC VSR-11 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
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