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Top 10 Airsoft Blogs And Websites For Legit Info

Here at Airsoft Battle Ready, we go to great lengths to answer relevant questions about Airsoft and to give you valuable information about all the latest Airsoft guns and gear. But we’re not the only experts on the Internet.

Airsoft is a passion held by so many people, and plenty of other creative voices with a great deal to say about Airsoft. When we need expert advice, good gear and upgrade parts, or just a different perspective, we here at Airsoft Battle Ready turn to the following Top 10 Airsoft blogs and websites for legit info.

1. Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared is quite literally the most comprehensive Airsoft website out there right now. News, reviews, events, forums, a member area, they pretty well cover the whole world of Airsoft. The site is based in Paris, France, but it will detect your browser and auto-configure the language depending on where you are in the world. If you’re in the US, some of the articles are in languages other than English, but there’s so much information on the site that you won’t be missing much by skipping over the non-English articles. If you want to hook up with another Airsoft group or event anywhere on the globe, Airsoft Squared is the place to look first.

2. Airsoft Society

Between Airsoft Society and Airsoft Squared, it’s hard to say which one is better for sheer volume of information. Society is focused solely on North America while Squared is truly international. But if you live in the US or Canada, Airsoft Society is in a class all its own. You can locate clubs and events in your state or province, read gear reviews and news articles, and upload your own player profile. They also have a very active forum and a classified section where you can find all sorts of gear, guns, and upgrade parts.

3. Popular Airsoft

Popular Airsoft is a news aggregator about all things Airsoft. You’ll find all kinds of gun and gear reviews, news stories, and information for Airsoft teams and events. The site is updated daily, and you’ll find links to all sorts other Airsoft websites and blogs.

4. Airsoft GI

If you’re in the market for any new gear, Airsoft GI is arguably the best Airsoft retailer in the industry. They’re a great company for upgrade and replacement parts, and their inventory is outstanding. The staff personally tests every gun before shipment, and in the unlikely event there is a problem with your order, they have probably the best customer service in the Airsoft industry. They have brick-and-mortar store fronts in southern California, Texas, and Virginia. If you’re ever in the area and in need of gear, it’s well worth the trip to stop in and check out their stores.

When you get tired of reading, the Airsoft GI YouTube channel has tones of informative and entertaining content, mostly dealing with gear reviews and game tips. On the channel you’ll also find a Live Show that posts every couple weeks which is sort of like an Airsoft podcast.

5. Airsoft Obsessed

Airsoft Obsessed is one of my favorite blogs, and the name pretty much says it all. The guy who runs this blog is a fanatic about Airsoft. He’s also got a pretty good sense of humor, so the articles are informative while also being very entertaining. When you get tired of reading, Airsoft Obsessed also has a very active YouTube channel with lots of great info too.

6. Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta is perhaps the best retailer in the US for hard to find upgrade parts for your Airsoft guns. They specialize in guns from Japan in addition to many of their own customized Airsoft guns. Their customer service is top of the line and they have pretty competitive prices and shipping costs. On their website you’ll find some awesome closeout deals, and they even have a Salvage Garden section with open box items for sale and otherwise new guns with minor defects.

7. Redwolf Airsoft

Redwolf Airsoft has been in the game since late ’90s and is one of the best international Airsoft retailers in the world. They’re based in Hong Kong and also have offices in the UK. They’ve got a huge catalog of high end off the shelf guns, but they really shine in the customization department. Their gun techs can do pretty much any modification you can think of. The shipping is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it when you find something you can’t get anywhere else. You can also find some pretty good articles and reviews on their website.

8. Air Rattle

Air Rattle is pretty decent US-based Airsoft gun and equipment supplier. Their warehouse is in Ohio and they have fast shipping on all their equipment and parts. The blog section of Air Rattle is outstanding, though. You’ll find all sorts of articles about gear, game tactics, and technical info. As a novice or experienced Airsofter, you can build a wealth of knowledge reading through the Air Rattle blog.

9. Patrol Base

Patrol Base is a UK-based Airsoft store kind of like Air Rattle here in the US. It has a great reputation as one of the best go-to Airsoft retailers in the UK for hard-to-find parts and custom modifications. But even if you’re not in the UK, you can find all sorts of useful information on their blog. If you live in the UK or are visiting for an Airsoft event, Patrol Base store front is about an hour northeast of Manchester in a little town called Milnsbridge.

10. Operator 7 Airsoft

Operator 7 Airsoft is another one man operation, kind of like Airsoft Obsessed. The website is run by Nuno Luz out of London in the UK, and they guy is supper passionate about all things Airsoft. You can read about all the latest guns and gear, and often some pretty great discounts. He also links out to some other cool stuff too like online magazines and tactical game apps. An all-around entertaining and informative site.

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