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UK Arms P2589 Plastic Railed Spring Sniper Rifle Review

​So you're in the market to buy an airsoft rifle! Perhaps, you wish to shoot soft targets in your free time. Maybe, you intend to buy an air soft weapon to use it as a display piece.

Regardless of the reason, you need to pick the right model in order to make the most out of the weapon. 

So how do you resolve this issue? Checking reviews and endorsements of air soft weapons is an easy way to select an ideal model. One such highly-applauded weapon is the P2589 plastic railed spring sniper rifle. Scan this review and find out what you could gain from this low-priced rifle.

P2589 Plastic Railed Spring Sniper Rifle

​The P2589 sniper rifle is made out of plastic that keeps the weight down. It's operated by pulling the handle which cocks the spring to take a single shot. Despite priced in the most affordable range, it has realistic features such as the trigger, magazine, and sights.

This sniper rifle is a low spring-powered rifle that's non-upgradeable. Since it isn't skirmish-ready, it won't be able to compete with high-quality airsoft rifles. In spite of this, it makes a great piece for display and low performances. The package includes a gun and magazine.


  • ​Design - Among the most striking features of P2589 is its design. The weapon looks and feels simply great. Many shoppers are drawn by the alluring design of the weapon. The low price also plays an important part in compelling potential buyers to purchase the rifle. 
  • ​Grip - Whether you want to target hard objects in the field or soft objects in your backyard, a convenient grip is paramount to accomplish your desires. Without an ideal grip, you won't be able to use the weapon effectively. In this respect, the P2589 lives up to its claims and matches many high-quality airsoft guns and rifles. 
  • ​Quality - The P2589 makes an ideal choice for shooting soft targets in your backyard. If you're looking for a serious rifle for shooting, then this plastic rifle isn't your model. For that you need a really durable piece. However, the P2589 seems to be the best option for capturing fake shooting videos. For fun games and displays, the quality is really convincing given the price and built of the model. 
  • ​Weight - The P2589 sniper rifle is light in weight. In fact, it's supposed to be the most light-weighted model available in the market. This makes it easy to be transported from place to place. 
  • ​Your family members, especially children can use the rifle while camping in the woods. As the weapon is meant to be used as a piece of display and for low intensity shooting, it's constructed from plastic. Yet, you can target soft shots effectively in your spare time or on special occasions such as birthdays.


  • ​Comfort - The weapon slides quite comfortably in your hands. Since it's made out of plastic, it won't slip when taking soft shots. However, you should spend some time on getting used to with the rifle. With a little bit of practice, you can enjoy better comfort. However, make sure you don't use it constantly; otherwise, it'll break or get damages. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance - Maintaining this rifle is really simple. Since it's a low intensity weapon, it's used occasionally. As such, you don't need to do much legwork to keep the weapon in good condition. In many cases, it's used as a display item.
  • ​Consequently, the upkeep and maintenance charges on this rifle are low. For cleaning, you need a simple household cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Just wipe out the dirt from the weapon with the damp cloth (dipped in the cleaning solution), and the rifle will get cleaned effortlessly.
  • ​Longevity - Since the body of the rifle is made from plastic, you can't use it for high intensity shots. However, you can definitely use it in your free time to target your loved ones. The rifle is also a favored choice for movie or film production where it's used for fake shooting. You can buy a couple of these rifles for your child's birthday and let him try shooting with his buddies on his great day. If you use it occasionally and for low intensity shots, you can definitely enjoy the companionship of this weapon for a long time.
  • Ease of usage - Using any high-quality air soft weapon isn't so easy. You should get used to with the gun in order to take accurate shots. Also, you need to get handy with the various additions that come with the weapon. The P2589 sniper rifle, on the other side, is easy to use. Even children can start shooting with this plastic rifle.
  • ​Price - The most important highlight of the P2589 sniper rifle is its low price. Whether you check offline stores or online outlets, you won't come across an air soft weapon that comes with such a low price. In fact, the rifle is promoted as being the most affordable weapon. Anyone can buy this rifle without disturbing his regular budget. Although you can't expect too much from this rifle, you can still use it for low performances as well as displays.


  • ​The main downside of this air soft rifle is it isn't backed by any kind of warranty. In case the rifle breaks or gets damages, you can't have it replaced. However, the P2589 sniper rifle should last longer with proper usage. If you use the weapon carefully and occasionally, you can make certain that the parts of the rifle won't break apart easily.


​Buying an ideal airsoft rifle for low intensity shooting and display purposes can be daunting as well as time-consuming. However, you may ease this herculean task by acting wisely. Just take a look at the review of an ideal airsoft rifle such as the P2589 plastic railed spring sniper rifle. By assessing detailed features mentioned in the review, you can easily come to a conclusion whether or not you should invest in this weapon for backyard shooting or display purposes.

P2589 Plastic Railed Spring Sniper Rifle
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