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WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle With Folding Stock Scope Bipod And Monopod Review

​A lot of people have an interest in shooting. However, most of them believe that becoming a proficient shooter may be really difficult. These folks never think about trying their luck in the world of shooting or rifle sports. The reality is anyone with good shooting skills can become a​ good airsoft player. 

All it takes is sheer dedication and the choice of the right air soft rifle for shooting practice. In case you need help on selecting the best airsoft weapon, check this WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle with Folding Stock Scope Bipod and Monopod Review.

WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle With Folding Stock Scope Bipod And Monopod

​The L96 is one of the most iconic air soft rifles in the world. WELL has taken every attempt to do justice with this airsoft replica, which mimics the original sniper used by the British army. It has a long list of innovative features that are hard to find in many other comparable weapons.

The shoulder pad and adjustable cheek rest provide maximum comfort and convenience in any shooting position. Constructed from a lightweight, durable polymer, the L96 comes with a full metal inner as well as outer barrel assembly. Additionally, the rifle includes a detachable bipod mount which could be moved for a slimmer, lightweight profile.

The full metal rail lets you accessorize this rifle with optics. Also, the spring power source eliminates the need for gas or electric propellants, and lets you achieve the best performances in all weather conditions. The overall lightweight construction keeps this sniper manageable for extended warfare. You get this package complete with a rifle, magazine, integrated monopod, folding bipod, sling, and zoom scope.


  • ​Quality - The WELL L96 is well-made in all respects. Every detail is attended minutely when crafting this sophisticated weapon. Whether it is body, construction or additions, the rifle outsmarts many other weapons in terms of quality. 
  • ​Grip - A perfect grip is the name of the game when shooting targets. Without an ideal grip, you'll end up with too many missed shots. Also, your shooting performance will also come down. The WELL L96 features a convenient grip and allows shooters to take accurate and perfect shots. 
  • ​Design - The design of the WELL L96 is its telling feature. Since the rifle is actually a replica of a real weapon, it's designed to look like the original sniper rifle. The body, the looks, and the feel are just as amazing as the performance. In fact, the rifle is designed in such a way that it compels any undecided buyer to make a purchase. 
  • ​Safety - It's common to sustain injuries when you're practicing with an airsoft rifle. However, some injuries can be demanding and serious, and keep you from participating in the shooting field. The WELL L96, on the flip side, comes with extra safety features that avoid injuries and let you shoot safely. 


  • ​Durability - Checking the durability of the weapon is important when you're in the market to buy a high-quality rifle. If a particular weapon is fragile, it'll break out easily after some time. You'll have to buy a new weapon to continue your practice. 
  • As well as costing you money, a poorly-made weapon will only waste your time. The WELL L96 is, however, meant to last longer. Featuring a highly-durable body, the rifle can stand the test of time and weather conditions while you use it for taking shots in your backyard or field.
  • ​Upkeep - Maintaining the WELL L96 is simple and hassle-free. Also, you don't have to expend too much to keep the rifle in pristine condition. A simple solution and a soft cloth are enough for cleaning the weapon.
  • ​Warranty - The rifle comes with so many amazing, innovative features that you don't need any warranty on your purchase. Yet, the rifle package is backed by a 30-day warranty period. Although the warranty time frame is smaller, it covers a lot of things. You can have the rifle serviced as well as repaired within this small time frame. Additionally, you could seek a replacement or refund if the weapon comes to your place in bad condition.
  • ​Price - Buying an air soft rifle that comes with a series of perks and benefits can be really costly. Everyone is not in a position to shell out too much to get a highly-applauded weapon. However, the WELL L96 is priced in the economical range despite the fact that it includes various amazing features. Even people in low and middle-income groups can get this rifle without disturbing their budget and practice shooting in their backyard or field.
  • ​Performance - You'll find various air soft guns and rifles in the market that are marketed as durable and affordable. However, most of them fail to live up to the expectations of users in terms of performance. If a weapon can't deliver performance, it's worthless no matter how durable or affordable it is. You need a rifle that will enhance your shooting performance, and this is where the WELL L96 outperforms others. The rifle lets you shoot targets effortlessly without any sort of problem.


  • ​The only downside reported by some shooters is usage issues. Some enthusiasts think that it takes time in order to use this weapon efficiently. However, that's not a big issue at all. You can't expect to pick a rifle and start shooting like a breeze. You ought to shed some sweat on the field before you get handy with this sophisticated weapon. With thorough practice, you're sure to enrich your shooting abilities.


​Becoming a skilled shooter need not be a chore, thanks to the availability of a wide range of air soft rifles for shooting practice. All you've to do is pick the right rifle and invest dedicated efforts on the shooting field. If you're overwhelmed with the varied shooting rifles, check out the above WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle with Folding Stock Scope Bipod and Monopod Review. With a thorough overview of the L96, you can easily come to a conclusion why choosing this innovative weapon is a wise option for shooting.

WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle With Folding Stock Scope Bipod And Monopod
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