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Evike CheyTac Licensed M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle Review

​Are you interested in making a career in shooting? Do you wish to join the military? If the answers are yes, you should plan way ahead of time before you actually jump start in any of these fields.

Also, a good-quality air soft rifle is imperative for shooting practice. You'll find numerous airsoft weapons in the market. While this gives you access to a wide range of options, it makes your selection process tedious and time-consuming.

You may get away with these issues by assessing a top-rated airsoft rifle such as the Evike CheyTac Licensed M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle.

​The CheyTac M200 is designed to dominate on the field with an extended range. It's built to provide the modern war-fighter the ability to deliver accurate fire downrange. Utilizing a proprietary round along with a flat trajectory as well as the adaptability to a wide range of optics, the M200 makes certain that anybody attempting to run will die very tired. The 6mm ProShop M200 is as impressive in size and build as its 0.408 caliber big brother.

Crafted from injection molded polymer and metal alloy, anything that is polymer or metal on its big brother is reflected realistically and accurately in the M200. Powered by the smooth-pull spring powered bolt, the rifle allows users to engage their targets quickly with minimum efforts. Whether you're searching for an amazing display piece or a dominating rifle for the field, the M200 will surely deliver shock and awe. The package comes complete with a rifle, magazine, fully adjustable stock, upgradeable internals, and barrel assembly.


  • ​Design - The M200 features a strong and sturdy built. Made out of molded polymer and metal alloy, the visuals are equally appealing. Whether you intend to use it for shooting or as a display piece, this well-designed rifle will serve your purpose. 
  • ​Grip - Many folks struggle to get the right grip when shooting. If you're one of these folks, you can get rid of this problem by choosing a rifle that comes with a good grip. The M200 features a perfect grip and lets you shoot targets effectively without slipping from your hands. 
  • ​Safety - Injuries are normal when you're taking shots in the field. However, you should ensure that you don't incur serious injuries. Some injuries can be long-lasting as well. You'll be glad to know that the M200 comes with enhanced safety features. As such, the chances of injuries are negligible. 
  • ​Comfort - The M200 rifle slides conveniently in the hands of shooters of all levels. Whether you're an experienced shooter or just starting out, the rifle feels like a breeze in your hand. The added comfort level allows you to shoot targets without any sort of inconvenience.
  • Quality - When it comes to quality, the M200 rifle surpasses its counterparts in all aspects. Whether it's built, grip or durability, this sophisticated rifle only delivers quality. Once bought, you'll enjoy the companionship of this high-quality rifle for years.


  • ​Durability - Any air soft rifle is used constantly in the field or backyard for shooting targets. As such, it's likely to incur wear and tear as well as damages. Although minor wear and tear is okay, you need to ensure that the weapon doesn't sustain substantial damages. The M200 is a highly durable weapon. Besides standing the testing of time, it'll withstand weather conditions and serve you longer. 
  • ​Warranty - The rifle is crafted intricately and comes with so many features that it doesn't need any warranty. However, the makers offer a 45-day warranty period. Within this time frame, you can have the weapon repaired and serviced. You may also seek a replacement of the weapon. If you think that the product doesn't match your quality, you can get a refund within the warranty period.
  • ​Usage - Any serious enthusiast will face some problems when using a highly sophisticated rifle. However, using the M200 is pretty simple. You don't necessarily need to be a professional in order to get used to with the weapon. The rifle comes with various updates and additions to ensure easy and hassle-free usage. However, you definitely need some practice to use the rifle effortlessly.
  • ​Price - Price is an important consideration that may affect your purchase decision. However, if you're looking for a top of the line air soft rifle for serious shooting, then price shouldn't be the only consideration. You need to make a balance between quality and price to choose the best weapon.
    It's here the M200 outperforms others. Although the weapon comes with a slightly higher price, the rifle is worth every penny that you pay for. If you assess the cost of the gun with the benefits and features, you'll find that the benefits outweigh the price in all respects.
  • ​Upkeep - When you're in the market to buy a high-quality gun or rifle, you should know how much the rifle will attract in terms of maintenance. If a particular weapon warrants too much attention and maintenance expenses, then it's better to switch to another weapon. The M200, however, commands very little upkeep. Without expending too much, you can sustain the rifle in good working condition and enjoy uninterrupted shooting in the field.


  • ​​Some shooters faced difficulties with the usage of this innovative rifle. This is more so in the case of amateur shooters. However, that's a common problem faced by any starter. You can overcome that problem through practice. Once you get handy with the rifle, using it becomes a breeze.


Becoming a member of the military personnel or trying your luck in rifle sports is definitely possible. All it takes is sheer determination and persistent practice with an air soft rifle in the beginning. If you're really determined to become a shooter, you need a top-class airsoft weapon that will sharpen your shooting skills. Just check the overview of the Evike CheyTac Licensed M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle in line with your shooting requirements. With a handy rifle by your side, you're sure to register success in your shooting arena.

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