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Well MB12 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Scope And Bipod Review

​If you are a player, you want to carry a Well MB12 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope and Bipod on the battlefield. This weapon is a powerful gun that is meant to tell everyone else that you mean business. If you are looking for a rifle that gives you the quality you want in the playing field you need to look no further.  

The weapon shoots hard, and the level of accuracy it provides couldn't get any better. If you want to cover long range during the gameplay, the sniper rifle covers a long range.

While these features alone make this rifle an ideal buy, there is more to it. You get a  3-9x zoom scope and a bipod making it an even more intimidating armament.

Well MB12 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Scope And Bipod

​With so many features, along with the real looks and heavy feel of the rifle most seasoned gamers as well as new players prefer to start with this sniper rifle. People, in general, find the accuracy, range, and ease of handling the weapon during the gameplay better than most of the traditional gaming rifles out there. What is more surprising that for all the features the sniper rifle carries a modest price tag and one can get this sniper rifle for under 200 dollars, where most online vendors offer free shipment of the product to the buyer. Since the gun is accessible online, it is easier to get your hands on its accessories online.


  • ​The rifle brings durability and high accuracy at a broader range. Coupled with this the gun carries a zoom scope and a bipod. At a modest price tag, these features alone are intriguing enough for a player to buy the rifle. But there is a lot more to this weaponry. The zoom function has variable zoom features meaning you can adjust the level and can get a sight in your target from a longer distance.  It also helps on the gameplay if you are looking to gather information about other players scattered in a larger area.
  • ​The bipod is of durable metal, and it is easy to fold the bipod that comes handy when you are shooting from a solid floor.  Just like the bolt the barrel uses full metal and has an intense look.  The rifle bolt is smooth to draw back and secures into place accurately before all shots. If you're searching for an excellent and powerful sniper rifle, this is the gun for you to take with you and win battles!


  • Great value for money - The sniper rifle comes with a reasonable price which is a bargain for anyone to hold a gun of this caliber and excellent design. It offers decent accuracy and excellent value for money. You can find beginners as well as advanced level playing using the rifle that has a tapered metal barrel, full metal top receiver, and genuine sidearm custom compensator generally found on some of the most expensive precision sniper rifles.
  • ​It has a polymer lower receiver and cheek pads that are adjustable. It also as a firm pistol grip that gives you more accuracy when you are on the battlefield and going for the shooting at a longer distance.


  • ​Overall the gun is excellent, and most users have positive things to say about the sniper rifle and its many features. However, there are some shortcomings that some user pointed out.  Some manufacturers claim the rifle range to be 510 FPS that is misleading where the actual field is 480 FPS.  The rifle is long, and thus it is not as easy to carry as some smaller sniper rifle as you may need to order a bag to bring the sniper rifle to the arena. While the overall material in the gun is metal, however, the inside piston is not of metal but the plastic material that you can break when you are looking for an upgrade. So if you look into any option to upgrade your springs, you have no choice but to enhance the piston as well.  
  • ​While the rifle carries an impressive presence and is not low in performance but at times for users, the sniper rifle may be too heavy to take, especially if they want to move quickly in the battlefield.


​All in all, the MB12 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle is another excellent addition in the Airsoft line of products. It has everything a gamer is looking for as the rifle has the sharp looks, sleek design and is highly affordable when compared to similar models manufactured by other brands. Due to these reasons, the sniper rifle is the first choice for most beginners and intermediate users who are looking for high-quality and affordable airsoft guns. If you love sniping and want to go in the battlefield with a rifle that makes an impact getting your hand on this rifle is the best option as it is one of the better weapons available in the sniper rifle category.  This model is an enhanced version and by all means a hard-hitting machine that comes with top of the line components with an unbelievable low cost.

There are online options to buy this product, and you can also find accessories such as cartridges online. Since the product is in high demand, it becomes easier to look for all the accessories you need for the rifle. If you do not mind a little weight of carrying this heavy rifle, it will be one of the best guns you will get for an affordable price t take onto the battlefield.

Well MB12 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Scope And Bipod
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