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KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle Review

​Are you a rifle fan? If you want to get the feel and thrill of holding a rifle, you must have come across some interesting names and brands of guns.

The KJW M700 is one name that is lately getting recognition, and many people are endorsing the product. So what is the product all about and is it worth the hype?

KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle

​Developed by Kwan Ju Works, KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle is a gas airsoft rifle designed on the blueprint of Remington 700. The weapon fires 6 mm pallets of plastic as a result of compressed propane injection going into its magazine chamber. The rifle shares many similarities with Tanaka M700 and Tokyo Marui rifle series. The manufacturer produces two different variations of the KJW M700 which are the "Quick Take- Down Version" and the "Police Model."


  • The Quick Take-Down Version of the KJW M700 uses a robust mechanism that allows the rifle to be broken down into many different modular components that can be stored separately which makes the overall package extremely portable. The Police model, on the other hand, comes with removable iron sights. Both the rifles come as standard with a detachable tripod attachment point, scope, and a single eleven round magazine. Some more integral features that influence consumers include the overall excellent build quality. With the construction of the
    the weapon being of high-grade metal which consists of the barrel, bolt-on, and trigger mechanism assemblies, the gun feels robust and reliable.
  • ​The manufacturers and developers of the weapon have also added features to this airsoft rifle that replicate its overall functional feel on the guns. The system works on pull bolt calibration which makes the firing sensation of the weapon similar to the real Tanaka M700. With an overall dimension of 6" x 46"; and a weight of 3600 grams, the airsoft rifle is also reasonably compact as is.
  • ​Another marketable feature of the product is its 555 mm barrel which allows for a precise and accurate shot with speeds up to 500 ~ 550 FPS. The composite construction also allows for optimal heat dissipation to ensure the consistency of the product over a range of different conditions. Although the product has an array of different peripherals that are compatible with it such as different types and verities of scopes, bipods, and tripods, they have to be bought separately as only the airsoft rifle, one 11 round magazine and the brochure comes in the box upon purchase.


  • Affordable - With the product ranging from USD 150 to USD 189 on many different web sites that specialize in products of the sort and hobby stores worldwide with shipping excluded, the price when compared to its alternatives is fairly reasonable keeping in mind the quality, finish and the pedigree of the airsoft rifle. With a Tanaka of fairly similar capabilities costing twice as much, this product makes up for an extremely lucrative deal.
  • ​Efficient and Powerful - Another bonus is its optimal gas consumption and how it utilizes different out of the box propulsion catalysts to produce an array of different performance statistics. An example of this is the product's compatibility with out of the box green gas that is propane with a 0.00 g BB. With propane propulsion, the weapon can shoot plastic pallets with a staggering 550-575 ft. /s. Some consumers have reported recording speeds up to 600 fps which are speeds that no other alternative airsoft rifle has been recorded to achieve.
  • Lightweight and easy to use - All in all, the weapon is lighter than its alternatives with its weight ranging in the range of 3600 grams depending on external attachable, it is affordable, has an extremely good range due to its long barrel, has a decent gas efficiency rating and has a solid build quality that makes it a complete value for money.


  • ​A primary disadvantage of the product is related to its operating conditions. As the weapon is entirely dependent on gas propulsion, if fired in a colder environment, the gas molecules don't expand as rapidly as they can which in turn causes the weapon to misfire in certain occasions and not operate to their practical limit in the other. The gun in these cases will fire minimal velocity shots which may affect the useful range ratings.
  • ​Some structural weaknesses have also been a point of concern which has caused recalls among the airsoft communities that have bought the product in question. Although the product's build quality is up to the standards, specific problems regarding its execution have resulted in gas leaks. These gas leaks were reported from the magazine and cause the pressure to build up to release before time or to lessen creating low-velocity shots.
  • ​Although these quality control issues came into observation from 2006 to 2007 and most of them have been addresses, claims do arise in some markets regarding specific recurring problems that the company and its affiliates unanimously deny.
  • ​Some other cons include the price of extra magazines which is relatively higher and the overall maintainability which is relatively complex when compared to its alternatives. Although the product shipment is across the world, service centers and specialists of the product for after-sales services are still limited which is a cause for discontent among the consumers who wish to get their product taken care of by certified service providers so they can take advantage of their warranty.


​KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle has proven itself a market competitive product in its domain​..

KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle
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