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HFC Bolt Action CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

​When it comes to a basic level airsoft sniper rifle, the HFC Bolt Action CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle provides for an ideal weapon as it has capabilities to be used by both amateur shooters and marksmen as well as trained personnel.

With a market that is having many similar products for enthusiasts, this particular product sets itself apart from its competing brands and products in many different ways.

These various features that make this product ideal for a range of different demographics will be discussed thoroughly in the sections that follow.

HFC Bolt Action CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


  • ​The primary feature that sets this rifle apart from its competing products is the fact that this has a spring loaded mechanism whereas the others in this specific domain of interest are mostly gas propulsion powered. Secondly, as the name suggests, this particular rifle was designed in such a fashion that it compliments its composite and metal construction with a bolt on the mechanism that makes the operating experience of the gun a lot more refined.
  • ​Adding to the composite metal construction of the weapon, polymers such as carbon fiber and caviler are also used as well as a 20mm monolithic rail that allows for bolt-on accessories to be attached. Compatibility plays a vital role in understanding which modular peripherals can have a connection to the weapon. The trigger mechanism is also extremely intricate with the entire housing and casing made of cast iron, so it maintains its structural rigidity. The average speed with which this particular rifle shoot is 410 FPS. The HFC bolt action also has sling mounts that make it portable and easy to use in complex situations. Codenamed VSR-11, the HFC bolt action even works fine with upgrades from the previous model; the VSR-10 which allows the user to take advantage of its modular compatibility.


  • ​Starting with perhaps its key marketing feature; the bolt action mechanism. This feature, other than providing a more replicated feel to the user of a real weapon, also significantly fastens the response time of the firearm and enables the user to reload quickly to take recurring shots to hit the target is it had previously missed. This weapon also has front and rear sling mounts as described in the previous section. The advantage of these mounts includes a better grip on the gun in the active state accounting for a more ergonomically stable posture while firing the weapon.
  • ​The HFC bolt action is also compatible with many aftermarket accessories, most notably by PDI and Laylax, two companies that produce affordable bolt-on devices for various models of Airsoft weapons including VSR-10. The construction of the gun also plays as its advantage as it is overall lighter than its competition, enabling its user to use it for longer without encountering fatigue and tiredness. The fact that it has a 20 mm monolithic rail integrated into the weapon infrastructure means that the user can attach assistive devices to give the weapon an edge in combat situations.
  • ​Another crucial feature that makes this weapon ideal is the fact that it is entirely spring loaded and does not use gas propulsion as a medium of transfer of energy to shoot pellets. This feature means that where its gas-powered alternatives had certain ideal weather conditions, they could operate in keeping in mind the volatile nature of propane used in their magazines, the spring loaded mechanism works ideally in all conditions irrespective of the weather condition. The reason stated above is why HFC bolt action being the weapon of choice on all front and in all situations.


  • ​The product retails around USD 170 to USD 180 which is on the steeper side of the things as far as the market is concerned. The consumers, however, would not mind spending that much provided some additional gear included in the box as standards such as a scope or a bipod. Their absence, however, makes the product a little too inconveniently priced especially considering the alternatives that are on offer in this bracket. Even though the spring-loaded mechanism provides a brilliant alternative to the conventional gas propulsion systems, it still has its fair share of weaknesses in store.
  • ​Firstly, setting the spring can be a tedious task as it may get worn out over time, affecting the shot accuracy, power, and precision over time, secondly the replacement of the part in case a new one is often hard to source as there are limited distributors that provide after sales service for the product.
  • ​Even though the product ships across the world, service centers and specialists of the product for after-sales services are still limited. The limitation is a cause for discontent among the consumers who wish to get their product taken care of by certified service providers so they can take advantage of their warranty.
  • ​It has been brought to light on many different platforms via which this product sells that during backorder the stock runs out frequently and consumers have to wait for their specific orders to arrive. These delays may frustrate a buyer.


​Judging by the positive reviews regarding the HFC Bolt Action CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, it is evident that despite its weaknesses, the product is still high in demand. What the consumer is looking ahead to is if the manufacturer pays any heed to the consumer's requests especially regarding the pricing aspect so the rifle can be a made a better value for money proposition. Furthermore, if someone wants to order the gun, they should make sure it is readily available in stock at their dealer, so any unforeseen back ordering related issues are not faced making the overall experience of purchase unsatisfactory.

HFC Bolt Action CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
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